Middle of the Road

After standing by for the past five years watching my fiance build a company from scratch, and nearly quit several times, I’ve developed a deep respect for those who have held fast through what Scott Belsky calls “the messy middle”.  And after years of never having set a New Years Resolution, to this year setting an remarkably daunting one, I have tried to pull from the wisdom of those who have successfully pulled through that middle.
I talked to a friend of mine who has lost 85 pounds so far about the middle of her journey.  She said “You just have to dig down and keep going. It’s like a really long walk.  You start out strong, push yourself to go further, than turn around and realize how far it is to get back to your vehicle… you just keep putting one foot in front of the other..”  She said her motivation is her children.  “It wasn’t vanity.  I literally couldn’t play with them.  So I did it for them.  What keeps me going? I am pissed off that I can’t get to my goal so I keep pushing myself to achieve it.  I’m stubborn.”
I was inspired by Scott Belsky who says “Everything in between gets no coverage.  It’s not sexy.  It’s not clear.  It’s actually very messy.  That’s the stuff I love.” I think my friend could relate to that.  People would notice what she was and what she is now without realizing all that went into getting there – every pair of yoga pants and workout video, every bead of sweat, every sore muscle and every step on the scale.
It is so much easier to be the person with a million ideas that never follows through.  The ideas are exciting, but they only motivate you for so long.  It takes a great deal of personal strength to plan and execute those ideas. We all know an idea person.  Think about the last time they told you what their great plan was to – fill in the blank (get in shape, start a business, open an Etsy store, downsize their home, start a foundation for homeless mothers.. and the list goes on). Did you believe them?  Is that how you want to be portrayed?
Joshua Fields Millburn said “It’s not the ambition that sets the man apart, but the distance he’s willing to go.” I know you have an idea, the question today is : how far are you willing to go?

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