Why My Son Does Chores

I tossed back and forth on this quite a bit over the years. I wanted him to learn life skills such and cooking and cleaning, but did not want him to feel that you get paid for looking after your own home.  It was finally an interview with Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruz talking about their book Smart Money, Smart Kids.  They talked about giving “commissions” for chores, and then split the money three ways – giving, spending and saving.  I made a chore list with prices and posted it.  I told him that he must pick 3 chores each week, but he is welcome to choose more if he would like extra money.  He is still responsible for cleaning up after himself – keeping his room tidy, scraping his dishes and taking them to the kitchen, hanging his coat and putting away his school things – but these extra items meant that he had some choice, a sense of responsibility and pride in having completed things well and getting paid for it.  Before this began I would just bark the orders of the day.  There was no choice in housekeeping and not much warning either.  I’ve shared my list with you which you are welcome to use or edit to your liking.  Give it and try and let me know how it goes in your family!
Wash dishes $5/week
Clean fridge $3
Sweep kitchen $1
Mop Kitchen $1
Clean cupboard doors $2
Clean stove $4
Clean microwave $2
Prepare a meal $4
Play weeks meals/grocery list $3
Deep clean coffee maker $1
Organize/clean pantry $2
Organize/clean entrance closet $2
Clean bathroom sink and mirror $2
Sweep bathroom $1
Mop bathroom $1
Scrub tub $2
Scrub toilet $2
Dust baseboards $2
Clean windows/mirrors/glass $2
Dust surfaces $1
Fold laundry $1/load
Gather/Sort/Wash/Dry laundry $1/load
Take out trash and recycling $2
Sweep living room and hall $1
Mop living room and hall $1
Detail car $3

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  1. Totally agree with your points. Nice price list-giving me a good reference on how much I should pay my son for doing chores.


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