Discouraged? Here are 5 things to do

The other night I was sitting in bed feeling very discouraged and unmotivated.  As I was experiencing this I received text messages from two other woman who were also feeling very discouraged.  Recognizing this, I felt that I had better ditch this feeling and write about it!  I came across a quote by an unknown source that read “Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged people who kept on working!” Excellent.. But that is easier said than done my unknown wise one. Because I work better with lists, I have come up with five things to do when you are discouraged.

This is always the first thing on every list. I will tell you why it’s at the top of this one: You have a purpose! I imagine that you’ve recognized your passion, or what you have once felt as passion, but are now too discouraged to pursue it, but I would be willing to bank on it that your passion is directly attached to your purpose! God has given us drive and motivation and skills needed to complete our passion. If your life has become too difficult to recognize this passion, too busy, too cluttered or too miserable then it is time to start from the beginning again and pray about it

Put aside the lies we’ve let ourselves believe!
“I’m not good enough! I don’t have what it takes! I don’t have enough money! I’m too busy! I’m too old! I’m too stupid! I’m too fat! Let me be the first to tell you that you are a liar or you are being lied too! Either way it’s time to put those aside! There is no good in those hurtful, untrue lies. “But I AM too old to pursue my passion! It’s too late for me!” I can hear you say. Perhaps it’s time for you to do a little Google search for amazing and inspirational individuals who were “TOO” something to do what they needed to do.

Stop caring what other people think!
Well now.. How many times have you told others this! This goes back to the lies we let ourselves believe. Could you imagine if Pablo Picasso stopped painting when people didn’t understand his art? What if William Booth has stopped street preaching because people complained? Or how about if Jane Austen didn’t write because she was a woman! How silly does this seem now.

Stop busying ourselves with the wrong things!
“I don’t have time to do what I really want to do to help the community because I’m too busy leading my sons Scouts, cooking for the church luncheons, hosting dinner parties and driving my children to six different extra curricular actives.  All of these have value and merit, but not at the expense of what you are called to do. Make a list of your priorities and it may be time to cut some of these things out.

This is an important one for me, and something I’ve been working on the past two weeks.  I cannot work, create, plan or relax when my life is in chaos. Some people seem to function successfully in environments that show up on TLC shows, but imagine how much they could accomplish in a tidy workplace! Start small by giving yourself an orderly workplace, and then move outwards.  I don’t know about you, but if clutter is in my line of sight it directly effects me. Which is why I’m signing off to go declutter the top of my refrigerator!


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